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August 9, 2018

Top 5 Eye Makeup Safety Tips

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Wearing makeup is a wonderful way to feel confident, beautiful, and even more sexy than usual. But did you know that eye makeup is a leading cause of issues such as infections, irritations, and irreversible damage?

Read on for our top eye makeup safety tips so you can keep those gorgeous eyes sparkling each and every day.

1) Don’t apply makeup in the car

We know it is tempting to do your makeup in the car when you are running late for work. But, if you hit a bump or the brakes are slammed on unexpectedly, you could end up with a mascara wand in your eye, causing a nasty scratched eyeball or corneal abrasion.

2) Forget about glitter

Glitter is fun for a fancy-dress party, however, glittery eye shadow can fall into your eyes and cause irritations or infections. You will certainly regret it if you can’t see out of them in the days ahead.

3) If your eyes are irritated – go without

You wouldn’t rub salt on a wound, so don’t think that applying makeup to an already irritated eye is going to be a good idea! Make sure to skip the eye makeup until at least a few days after any issues have cleared up.

4) Don’t apply eyeliner inside the lash line

By doing this, you are actually blocking the oil glands that protect your corneas. You also run the risk of allowing bacteria to get into your eye, meaning you won’t end up looking so pretty for a while if you get an infection.

5) Always remove eye makeup before sleeping

Taking your makeup off after a big night out may be the last thing you feel like doing. However, if you don’t, you risk makeup particles getting in to your eyes and irritating them, or even worse causing an infection.

Protect your eyes!

If you do find that your makeup has caused your eyes to become irritated or infected, get to an eye care professional such as an optometrist to straight away to get things checked out.

And, don’t forget to book in for your annual comprehensive eye examination with Punzal Vision – this is the best way to ensure that your eyes are healthy, and you can nip any potential issues in the bud before it’s too late.

We look forward to SEEing you soon!

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