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Punzal Vision offers all of our patients the ability to quickly and easily order contact lenses online. To create an account with us or login to purchase your new contact lenses, simply click the button below.

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Are you interested in getting contact lenses?

There are many different reasons to get contact lenses, whether personal or professional - we are here to help you find a solution that is right for you! Do you want to see clearly and feel free!? Contact lenses are less obtrusive than glasses and give you both freedom and clarity. The process of getting contact lenses is easier than you may imagine! It starts with a simple comprehensive exam at Punzal Vision - and before you know it you will be walking out the door with your new lenses! Here is what you will need to do:

Step 1

Schedule A Comprehensive Eye Examination with Punzal Vision

Whether you are an existing, or non-existing patient - we will setup a full comprehensive examination with Dr. Punzal to clarify that contact lenses are a viable and healthy alternative to prescription glasses for you. During this examination, Dr. Punzal will check up on your overall eye health and confirm that contact lenses are a fit for you.

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Step 2

Contact Lens Appointment

During this appointment Dr. Punzal will take measurements in order to set you up with an initial set of contact lenses for you to test out. We will give you an individualized training session on how to insert and remove your new contact lenses, how to keep your contact lenses clean, and we will review a wearing and replacement schedule.

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Step 3

Trial Run with Your New Contact Lenses

During this trial period you will wear your contact lenses, experiment with implementing them into your daily routine and use them through out your work / school and home life to see if they are a good fit for you. You will want to make note of any dryness or irritation in your eyes that may suggest the need to resize or adjust your contact lenses. The purpose of this trial period is to make sure that the initial contact lenses we have prescribed for you are a good fit and provide adequate vision!

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Step 4

Final Contact Lens Prescription is Written

Once you have worn your new contact lenses for a few days, we will see you back at Punzal Vision and Dr. Punzal will do a follow up examination to make sure that the initial prescription fits and is not causing any discomfort or harm to your eyes. If necessary the contact lens prescription will be adjusted and you may be given an additional few days to test the new lenses. Once we have determined that your contact lenses fit properly and are just right for you, Dr. Punzal will write the final contact lens prescription for you! Contact lens prescriptions are usually valid for one year.

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Everyone there is great and extremely friendly and helpful. The staff are amazing at their job and very knowledgeable.

Mahie Ferreira