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An Introduction to LASIK Surgery

LASIK Surgery with Punzal Vision & Aloha Laser Vision

Punzal Vision proudly offers LASIK Surgery to the residents of Kaua'i, through its partnership with Dr. Faulkner and Aloha Laser Vision on Oʻahu. As a LASIK Surgery patient you will be able to see Dr. Punzal for your pre and post-operative examinations in Lihue, while traveling to Oʻahu for the surgery at Aloha Laser Vision!

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Brity's Journey

Brity Punzal recently took the leap to clear vision, with LASIK Surgery. Follow her along her journey to learn more about her individual story, her reasons for pursuing LASIK, and the results that she has experienced from this life-changing surgery!

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Since 2001 Aloha Laser Vision has been providing state-of-the-art laser vision correction for the people of Honolulu, Hawaii with caring, innovative, cutting edge eye care and surgery.

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How to Get LASIK Surgery

Are you interested in getting LASIK Surgery to improve your vision? We would love to talk with you about the process. Although, it may seem daunting at first - it really is a simple and straightforward procedure. Here is how the process works:

Step 1

Schedule A Comprehensive Eye Examination

During this process Dr. Punzal will do a full comprehensive review of your eyes and eye health. Upon determining the status of your eye health and giving a diagnosis, Dr. Punzal will then send a referral for you to our partnering LASIK Surgery facility on O'ahu, Aloha Laser Vision. Once your LASIK Surgery referral is accepted and your appointment is scheduled, Dr. Punzal will then see you for your pre-operative examination. During this examination, Dr. Punzal will make sure to update your measurements, check up on the status of your eye health, and prepare your file to send over to Aloha Laser Vision to review.

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Step 2

LASIK Surgery at Aloha Laser Vision

Once your appointment has been booked and the pre-op examination has been completed, you will receive the instructions you need to prepare for surgery. You will take a quick flight over to O'ahu and meet with Dr. Faulkner of Aloha Laser for your surgical treatment there. The trip itself is a 2-3 day trip, which will include a pre-operative meeting, the surgery itself, and a post operative meeting anywhere from a few hours to a day after the actual surgery. The surgery itself usually takes less than an hour, however we recommend that you give yourself an appropriate amount of time for the trip so as not to be rushed. Once you have seen Dr. Faulkner for a follow up visit, you will be able to fly back to Kaua'i to recover at home! The recovery process is simple and takes anywhere from 1 - 2 weeks. During recovery it is important to rest, get the proper nutrients, and avoid swimming or any other activity that may cause infection in your eyes.

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Step 3

Punzal Vision Post-Op Follow Ups

Once you have returned to Kaua'i, we will setup a post operative visit with Dr. Punzal to make sure that everything is healing properly and that your eyes are healthy and regaining clarity. This post-op exam is generally set 2 weeks after the date of your surgery. From there we will set another follow up at 3 - 4 weeks and a third at 4-6 weeks post surgery. After that, we will see you at 3 month intervals until 1 year has elapsed. Depending on each patient's healing process, we may see patients more frequently than that if necessary. Other refractive surgeries like the Visian ICL or PRK may require more frequent follow ups than LASIK.

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Everyone at Punzal Vision was very friendly and helpful throughout the whole appointment. Whether getting glasses or contacts, the process is a breeze, and I'd recommend Dr. Punzal to everyone I know.

Jerwin Struhar