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Punzal Vision
December 27, 2020

Spirit Week & A Merry Christmas

We hope everyone had a very SAFE & MERRY CHRISTMAS! 2020 has definitely been a trying year, but that’s all the reason more for our Christmas spirit to be stronger than ever.

Although COVID-19 has affected us in some way, we couldn’t break our new tradition of spirit week / secret santa!

Day 1: Marvelous Monday. We had to wear our shiniest / fanciest clothes as well as gift our person something that sparkles!

Marvelous Monday spirit week at Punzal Vision.

Day 2: Tourist Tuesday. Yup, that’s right! Dress up as tourists! We had to gift our person with something from the ABC store.

Tourist Tuesday in Spirit Week at Punzal Vision.

Day 3: Wild Wednesday. Head to toe animal print! This day, we gifted our person with a Christmas accessory.

Wild Wednesday Spirit Week at Punzal Vision

Finally, Day 4: Traditional Thursday with our infamous Christmas sweaters. What better way to celebrate “throwback Thursday” than with throwback hairstyles a throwback item- fanny packs! We were to decorate our person’s fanny pack with items that remind us of that person. Even though this was the final day, we were not able to know who our secret santa was until the end of clinic!

Traditional Thursday Christmas wear during Spirit Week at Punzal Vision, in Lihue HI.

Each day, every employee voted on who they thought was the most spirited as well as guessed who they thought each person’s secret santa was. Attempting to guess the answers on a daily basis is definitely the most fun part of every year.

Here are the answers:

Dr. Punzal was Casey’s secret Santa
Brity was Kahes
Pua was Karl’s
Tianne was Puas
Karl was Doctors
Lehua was Brity’s
Kahe was Lehuas
Casey was Tianne’s

Due to Brittney and Kjandra being in quarantine, they were not able to participate in this years festivities. But don’t worry! We assigned them to each other, not so secret but still fun


We are very fortunate to work for a business that values a fun and spirited environment. We’re already looking forward to next year!

Merry Christmas!!


The Punzal Vision ‘Ohana

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