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We all have busy lives these days and between taking care of the home, going to work, and making sure our kids are on track for their next day of school, we all could use a bit more rest and relaxation. We know that sleep is a key component to our overall health. However, did you know that getting good rest also has a profound impact on our eyes?

Lack of sleep can lead to spasms of the eye, dry eye, and even damage to the blood vessels or retention of fluid surrounding the eye. Dark circles under the eye are commonly known to be a side effect of lack of sleep and are often found, to our own dismay, after a late night or a long week. However, we also know exactly what a well rested person looks like – bright, sparkling eyes, clean and clear skin, a positive attitude and an overall zest for life! Right?

But, how does one accomplish such a thing in the midst of our stressful, modern lives!?

Here are a few tips to make sure that you are giving your eyes the rest that they need and getting quality sleep so that you too can look and feel your best each day!

1. Digital Devices

We all have phones, computers and tablets at our disposal for both work and play – and seem to depend on them more and more with each day. However, when it comes to giving our eyes a break, it is easy to forgo our common senses and force ourselves to send that last email – or watch one last episode of our favorite show.

While this may seem like a good idea at the time, prolonging digital activity late at night can actually trick our brain into thinking that it is daylight out, in turn affecting our REM sleep cycles and preventing deep sleep. It is suggested that we give ourselves break from devices 1-2 hours before bed, for optimal sleep.

If you must use a computer or phone within that time, it is always a good idea to either wear specialized blue light blocking glasses or turn on the Night Shift mode on your Mac computer or iPhone to reduce exposure to the harmful spectrum of blue light after the sun goes down.

2. Room Darkening Curtains

Our eyes are highly sensitive to light, and so is our skin! So, even if you cover your eyes with a sleeping mask – you may still be affected by light in the environment that you are sleeping in. Something as small as the light on a TV or cable box can actually affect your body’s ability to relax into deep sleep. One thing that will help to create a comforting environment for sleeping is room darkening curtains. Light blocking or blackout curtains are especially a good idea if you live somewhere that has street lights or is subject to car lights on a busy road.

3. Keep it Cool

We all know the feeling of trying to fall asleep on a hot summer’s day. The temperature of the room that we sleep is also a huge factor in the quality of our sleep. So, whether you choose to open the windows, turn the fans on, or simply purchase an air conditioning unit – having control over the temperature of your bedroom can be one of the keys to a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep!

4. Drink Water

Sleep is often the longest time during the day that we go without food or water. So, it is common to forget to hydrate before we go to bed and when we wake up to take account for this. Depending on the environment that we are sleeping in and our level of activity during the day – we can actually wake up quite dehydrated from a nights sleep. So, remember to drink a big class of water before you go to bed, and another one in the morning – and set your body up for a good nights sleep and a healthy and happy day!

5. Morning Care Routine

Sometimes waking up in the morning can be easy, if we have something great to look forward to. However, more often than not, we find ourselves rising with an alarm, crawling out of bed, and pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps to start our day. This is where a morning routine is important! Routine will help to establish a pattern that you will be able to rely on, no matter how awake or tired you may be. Cold water can be a cure for tiredness or apathy – so make sure to get to the sink in the morning and splash some cold water on your face to wake yourself up and clean out those tired eyes! Morning exercise can also be a great benefit to your routine, as it will get the blood flowing and set your body into alignment with the natural rhythms of the day – so that you will be able to fall asleep with ease the next night. Starting the day fresh and giving yourself a reliable transition from the sleep to waking state is an effective way to build overall health as well as keep your eyes in good shape and your vision clear!

Consult Your Eye Doctor

While a healthy sleep regimen, diet and exercise, and making those common sense decisions to set your day up in support of proper sleep and rejuvenation are all great tactics and practices for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy pair of eyes – you will still need an annual comprehensive eye examination with your eye care professional.

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