Punzal Vision
July 14, 2019

Punzal Vision Book Club

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine.

Punzal Vision Book Club, woo!

Within the past year, Dr. Punzal and Brity have a new profound love for Audible- a type of audio entertainment system for TV shows, newspapers, magazines, and books. With their busy schedules, it’s hard to find time to sit down and enjoy a good book. With audible, they’re able to listen while driving, going for a run/walk, making dinner, and even after clinic hours while finishing charts. We’ve always heard of book clubs, but no one in our staff has actually been a part of one.

The idea of the Punzal Vision Book Club came about and we were all on board! With a little bit of research, we learned that each member of the group has a chance to pick out a book of their choosing with weekly meetings of our thoughts and opinions of the chapters read prior.

Brity went first and chose Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman- the winner of the 2017 Costa Debut Novel Award. Our reading plan allowed us to be finished within three weeks. Bright and early, before clinic starts, we’d meet in the morning and discuss our view of each chapter/event over delicious refreshments provided by Dr. Punzal and Brity. This past Friday, was the last meeting of our first book!

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