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October 6, 2019

Essilor: Next Gen Offer!

Essilor transition lenses, indoor.

Most of you have probably heard of “transitions” but are unclear as to what that really means. Transitions are a type of modern lenses that become dark (similar to sunglasses) when exposed to outdoor sunlight and clear again when indoors. Transition lenses allow you to go from an indoor environment to an outdoor environment with the same pair of glasses on, all while keeping your eyes safe and protected.

Transitions are helpful for days where you need to run errands and are constantly in and out of places or if you are simply at home and just want to take a walk- there’s no need to search for your pair of sunglasses! Just walk right out the door and you’re good to go.

This feature is a benefit to all of us, especially living in Hawai’i, where extra UV protection is ultra important. So, if you’re on the go – consider transition lenses as a solution to always having to switch between your glasses and sunglasses!

Essilor transition lenses, outdoor.

One of our favorite lens brands, Essilor, has released the latest generation of their Signature Transition lenses!

Here are a few amazing things about Transitions Signature Gen 8 vs. the regular signature transitions:

– The best overall photochromic lens.
– Activation speed up to 30% faster than regular signature transition lens
– Fade back 3 minutes faster than transition signature lens
– 9/10 patients love and intend to repurchase transitions signature GEN 8 lenses!

If you buy the NEW Transitions Signature Gen 8 lens with Crizal coating, you qualify for a FREE second pair of qualifying Essilor clear lenses! All you have to do is purchase a new frame!

Offer ends December 31st, 2019. The holidays are right around the corner, so hurry in before the end of the year and treat yourself with the new Transitions Signature Gen 8 lens and get a second set of lenses FREE!

Visit our Hokulei Village location today, to shop our full selection of eyewear!

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