Maui Jim Ophthalmics

Maui Jim Ophthalmic Glasses

Punzal Vision recently received Maui Jim Ophthalmic Glasses! Although they are known for their sunglasses, we’re excited to have and use their clear prescription glasses.

We are always looking for innovative products and technology. What does Maui Jim Ophthalmics have to offer you ask? Well, there are two types of lens options: Maui Jim HEV Lens, and Maui Jim High Contrast Lens.

Maui Jim’s exclusive HEV lens offers the ultimate protection against harmful blue light from digital products such as computer screens, cell phones, iPads/tablets while allowing beneficial blue light to enter the eye. This lens improves contrast and resolution. This lens is completely CLEAR with no blue or yellow tint. This is because the HEV filters are layered inside the lens itself.

Our selection of Maui Jim Ophthalmics!

With Maui Jim High Contrast lenses, you’ll receive better resolution, more contrast, and crisper details. Similar to the HEV lens, the high contrast properties are built into the lens, creating a unique lens that enhances your vision indoor and outdoor, day and night. During the day, you’ll notice more color contrast. Fine print will be easier to read indoors. Bothersome glare from headlights and street lights make driving at night safer.

Let’s not forget the frame selection- Light weight with a variety of sizes, styles, and colors for men and women.

Visit Punzal Vision at our Hokulei Village location to view our selection of Maui Jim Ophthalmics!

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