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Punzal Vision
December 3, 2018

Interview: Pua & Lehua

Pua and Lehua

At Punzal Vision our team is a tight knit family. Given that Christmas is coming up and this time of year is reserved for spending quality time with our loved ones – we figured it would be a bit of fun to give you all an insight into the lives of the individuals that make up our ʻOhana! We begin with our two favorite sisters – Pua & Lehua! Enjoy!

What was it like growing up together?

Pua: With 3 years between us, it was a lot of fun! Our parents dressed us alike a lot, and we had a secret club with our cousin (who is actually Karl’s first cousin as well). We had a lot of fun together, but we fought all the time too. Our parents had to have a Ford Aerostar van so that we could each have our own row.

Pua, what’s the best part about being Lehua’s older sister?

Pua: The best part about being Lehua’s older sister is that I’m the boss in life and at work.

Lehua, what’s the best part about being Pua’s younger sister?

Lehua: Pua has taught me a lot while growing up and has helped me through many adversities. But I’m also grateful for learning from her mistakes and doing the exact opposite to get on our parent’s good side.

Tell us your top 3 favorite childhood memories with each other.

Lehua: 1. Annual Spring Break trips to Las Vegas while we were little and getting our faces painted at Circus Circus and Pua coming out looking like a Geisha and taking pictures with the famous orangutan at the Fremont hotel.

2. Putting on Christmas plays in the basement while visiting our Aunty’s house in Kona.

3. Jumping around from seat to seat in our awesome Aerostar van, which our parents were forced to buy because we had to have our own rows and couldn’t sit next to each other in the car for long periods of time.

Pua and Lehua

Everyone’s heard the quote, “I smile because you’re my sister, I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.” Do you have any pet peeves about each other that can still make you laugh at the end of the day?

Pua: She’s stronger than me. And faster. and nicer.

Lehua: Pua is more of the confrontational type and has no problem letting others know.  Luckily for me, I know her so well and know when to hide behind the bushes when I know she’s about to lose her cool, lol.  

From Kapa’a, to Kamehameha Schools, to Pacific University, and finally Punzal Vision- was school that much easier knowing that you always had family close by?

Pua: Yes, and the trend continues. . .  we purchased homes in the same neighborhood, just a street apart this year. We live a 2 minute walk away from each other. Well, 2 minutes for Lehua. 5 minutes for me.

Lehua: Yes, it was nice coming in as a newbie and have the “ins” with the upperclassmen, however many of my own classmates thought I was a 4year repeat senior because I was closer to Pua’s class.  

After starting your own families, what’s something you have taught or hope to teach your children together?

Pua: I love that our children get to grow up together. My second and third sons are the same age as Lehua’s first and second sons. They fight like siblings, but they definitely have each others’ backs.

Lehua: Learn from your mistakes and let your failures humble you and strengthen you to take on anything in life!

Pua and Lehua

Is there something on your “sister bucket list” that you wish to do?

Pua: I hope that we can take a sister trip together to another country, maybe Japan?

Lehua: Trip to Japan to visit the Motherland!

Since the holiday’s are here, what’s your favorite holiday to spend with each other and your entire families?

Pua: We have a home in Oregon, so we usually spend every Christmas there. Our kids look forward to the winter weather, the big Christmas tree, and spending two weeks together under the same roof.

Lehua: Definitely Christmas!  We usually spend our Christmas Holiday on our annual trips to Oregon.  This year is an exception because the airlines would rather me not go into labor on their watch.

For the people who are reading, what’s one thing you’d like to share with them about your busy mom schedules with work, school, sports, and being home for meals?

Pua: We work full time, but enjoying our job is key. It gets tough balancing work with home responsibilities and all of my kids’ activities, but it is a lot easier because I love my job.

Lehua: We both share similar experiences of working full times jobs and juggling busy schedules for our kids. I love being able to share our mom fails and not feeling guilty at the end of the day if we sent our kids to school with mismatched shoes or sent them in PJs thinking it was Pajama day when it really was Sports day. Like many other busy moms out there, Pua and I know that at the end of the day, our main priority is being sure that our family knows how much we love them!

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