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Punzal Vision
February 18, 2019

Interview: Dr. Punzal & Brity

Dr. Punzal and Brity

First impression?

Brity: When I first met Dr. Punzal, I thought that he asked a lot of questions! I was new to Kaua’i and he was practically asking my life story. Lol.

Dr. Punzal: I was smitten upon our first conversation! Brity is intelligent and beautiful.

Where and what was your first date?

Brity: We went to Stevenson’s Library at the Hyatt. We met in the morning and I believe we went out that same evening.

Dr. Punzal: December 12, 2009, I remember the day plainly. Conversation flowed like the wine Brity was drinking. Brity and I had sushi at the Hyatt.

Can you share a short story about your proposal and wedding?

Brity: One time when we were visiting Oahu, we went to the beach where Pipeline surf break is. Dr. Punzal made me go up to the lifeguard in my best haole accent – which is pretty much how I always talk anyway – and ask “Where is The Pipeline?” It was a running joke with us for months. One day we returned to “The Pipeline” and that is where he got on one knee and proposed. I said Yes!

For our wedding, we were married in the historic St. Raphael’s chapel. I most remember the tears of love coming down his cheeks during the ceremony! (we have a great pic of this)

Dr. Punzal: It was the day after Thanksgiving, 11/25/2011. Brity and I took the First Flight to ‘Oahu for a quick weekend in the City. Brity and I wanted to see the big waves of the North Shore. We parked at ‘Ehukai Beach Park. Brity being from Kansas was in awe with the sight of the monstrous waves. Although Brity had been living in the Islands since 2009, she was yet to see a surfer shoot the tube. She approached the lifeguard and asked, “Sir, which way to The Pipeline.” Brity and I walked the beach in search of The Pipeline. While the surfers were riding the waves and shooting the tube, the sun was setting. I then got down on one knee, professed my love for her and asked her to marry me. With tears of joy, she exclaimed “Yes, I love you more!”

Dr. Punzal, what’s one thing people don’t know about Brity?

Dr. Punzal: Brity is very in tune with the weather. Often her left knee will twitch without provocation. She will then look to the sky and say, “Looks like rain.”

Brity, same question about Dr. Punzal.

Brity: Dr. Punzal is very particular about everything! It was quite an adjustment for me to get used to. But it makes me feel very special that he chose me!

The Punal family

You have three beautiful daughters, what’s your favorite part about parenting?

Brity: Tickle Time! Our daughters LOVE it when I tickle them. Every night when I give them their bedtime kisses, I follow with bedtime tickles. They always ask for 5 kisses and a million billion tickles.

Dr. Punzal: Accepting the challenge of being a positive example for my daughters. I hope they grow up to be upstanding individuals.

The Punzal family
Punzal family Halloween
The Punzal Family

With owning your own practice, raising three girls, bringing them to school and their daily activities, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by often training at the gym, what’s something you both hope to do that you haven’t done yet?

Dr. Punzal: I hope to complete a Full Ironman Race and read more books.

Brity: Sleep!

Dr. Punzal, what’s one trait of Brity’s that you love most?

Dr. Punzal: Brity’s motivation. She is always looking for ways to improve herself and uplift others to being the best person they can be.

Brity, same question about Dr. Punzal.

Brity: Dr. Punzal is extremely loyal to the people he loves most. I am very fortunate to be one of them!

Dr. Punzal and Brity
Dr. Punzal and Brity

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