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Punzal Vision
January 6, 2019

Interview: Casey Ai

Casey with sunglasses

Where did you grow up and what are some of your favorite childhood memories?

Casey: I grew up in Kalaheo. Some of my best memories growing up was playing in the valley and coffee fields with my older brother and friends.

Where did you attend school?

Casey: After graduating from Kauai High School I attended The University of Hawaii at Manoa where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Math.

You don’t hear of many people majoring in Mathematics. What made you so interested in the subject?

Casey: I’ve always been a very logical person and since a young age have found a lot of joy in the consistency that math provides. It’s like one big mental maze with many ways to get to the end, but only one end.

Congratulations on getting married this past year, Aokai is such a great guy! What’s something you’ve learned with being newly weds?

Casey: Thank you! I think he’s pretty great too!


I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned in the last few months of being married is how to love the way he needs to be loved and lots of compromise.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not substitute teaching or at Punzal Vision?

Casey: I love being outdoors, whether it be swimming at the beach or hiking in the mountains. Adventure is out there!

portrait of Casey

You and Tianne are the “dog mom’s” of the office. What’s your favorite thing about Aiko?

Casey: How do you choose just one?! She is my favorite thing. I love how loving, patient, and adventurous she is. She really is me in dog form.

Can you tell us some of the things that are on your bucket list?

Casey: Most of the things on my bucket list are places to travel to. Would love to live in a different country and learn another language.

You’ve lived on Kaua’i pretty much you’re entire life, is there something you haven’t done on the island yet?

Casey: I have yet to hike into Kalalau. Guess that’s another thing on the bucket list. Once the trail opens up again, its ON!

You killed it during The Kauai Half Marathon, Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run, and The Old Koloa Sugar Mill Run with minimal training! What’s your secret to your speed?

Casey: Haha, Thanks. I guess I get more competitive once the race starts and just want to know that I pushed myself the furthest I could by the end. Having longer legs helps too I guess.

For those reading, what’s something you’d want people to know most about you?

Casey: Oh I don’t know. I feel like they know quite a bit about me from this interview. One more thing would be that I love to laugh, whether it be about something or at myself. A happy me is my best me.

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