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May 10, 0202

Happy Mother’s Day!

Punzal Vision ohana.

Happy Mother’s Day to Brity, Pua, Lehua, and Brittney as well as all the mothers out there.

You deserve the world and more. Without you, life would not exist!

We asked each staff member what they love and/or appreciate about their moms.

Brity– “Her unconditional love”

Dr. Punzal– “Her kind heart, cleanliness, and ability to follow up and make you a better person”

Pua– “For being the best Nana to my children”

Lehua– “Her independence and selflessness. She always puts others before herself”

Tianne– “I love how much of a hard worker she is- she’s the hardest working person I know”

Casey– “I’m thankful to all the moms who have been a mother to me”

Brittney– “For giving me life”

Kahe– “Because she made me”

Shaylyn– “She’s caring and makes the best ‘shaylyn’ food”

Karl– “She’s patient, loving, and caring”

Pua's family.
Lehua's family.
Brittney's family.

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