East Kaua’i Health & Education Fair

Punzal Vision visits East Kauai Health & Education Fair in Anahola!

On April 4th, 2019, Punzal Vision was honored to attend and present at the East Kaua’i Health & Education Fair at Ko’olau Hui’ia Church in Anahola. With an estimate of 120 children, we had a blast teaching them about how to keep your eyes healthy.

1) Always wash your hands with soap and water 😁 We don’t realize how often we may rub our eyes. With the amount of germs that are almost everywhere, touching or rubbing our eyes with unwashed hands, can increase the risk of getting an eye infection.

2) We are always taught to eat a well balanced meal at a young age- to become strong and healthy! Did you know that vegetables, proteins, and nuts promote eye health? Children were raising their hands telling us how much they love the foods we had on display which is always good to hear.

Pua & and her husband Eric, with their son Wainohia!

Pua’s husband, Erin Cobb-Adams, is the Project Manager of Kamehameha Schools here on Kaua’i. They are also both graduates of Kamehameha Schools and 4th generation members of the Ko’olau Hui’ia Church. It was a special treat for them to both participate in this great event as professionals, highlighted by hugs from one of their five children, Wainohia, who attended the fair with his school Punana Leo o Kaua’i.

We are strong believers in teaching our children about healthy eyes and a healthy lifestyle.

We look forward to participating in this event again in the years to come!

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