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Punzal Vision
June 6, 2022

Dr. Punzal gets PRK Eye Surgery!

Team Punzal Vision & Dr. Faulkner ready for Dr. Punzal's PRK Eye Surgery!

About 20 years have gone by since Dr. Punzal had LASIK surgery. He has enjoyed freedom from glasses and contact lenses for a good amount of time, but he realized that his vision was not as sharp as it had once been. Many people have LASIK and do well for a long period of time. Some people seek out an enhancement to sharpen clarity. In Dr. Punzal’s case, he saw well, but he had a desire for even more precision in the distance. Due to thinner corneas, which is common after refractive surgery, Dr. Faulkner recommended a PRK enhancement rather than a LASIK enhancement.

Night Before Surgery

8:30 pm Dr. Punzal starts his preoperative preparation by putting in some antibiotic drops.

Surgery Day

Dr. Punzal & Dr. Faulkner, ready for Dr. Punzal's eye surgery procedure.

8:00 am Dr. Punzal and his support crew (eight members of our staff) arrive at Aloha Laser Vision in downtown Honolulu.

Dr. Punzal working with the technician at Aloha Laser Vision to Prepare for his PRK Eye Surgery procedure.

8:15 am Dr. Punzal begins his prep in anticipation of the procedure.

  1. Valium to help him relax.
  2. The technician explains the procedure, and Dr. Mau collects some final measurements.
  3. Dr. Punzal puts on a surgical cap.

Dr. Punzal with surgical cap and booties, prepared for his eye surgery procedure.

8:30 am Dr. Punzal is escorted into the surgical suite, which has a beautiful view of downtown. They lay him down on a table, and he hugs the Aloha Laser Vision teddy bear. Dr. Faulkner’s surgical technician sterilizes around Dr. Punzal’s eyes and inserts some eye drops.

Dr. Punzal getting prepped on the operating table for his PRK Eye Surgery procedure.

8:45 am Dr. Faulkner starts the procedure. After removing the outermost layer of the cornea (the epithelium), Dr. Faulkner applies the laser to Dr. Punzal’s eyes, one eye at a time. This takes only about 2-3 minutes for each eye. He places a bandage soft contact lens on each eye to help facilitate the healing.

Dr. Faulkner begins the PRK Eye Surgery procedure.
Dr. Faulkner, mid operation in Dr. Punzal's corrective eye surgery procedure.
Dr. Punzal's corrective eye surgery procedure, taking place on the big screen in the office at Aloha Laser Vision in Honolulu Hawaii.
Dr. Faulkner completing the final steps of PRK Eye Surgery procedure.

9:00 am Surgery is completed, and Dr. Punzal gets to enjoy one of Dr. Faulkner’s famous homemade cookies. Overall, he is feeling good. Vision is fuzzy, but this is to be expected after PRK as removing the epithelium creates a large abrasion on the front of the eyes.

Dr. Faulkner and Dr. Punzal after corrective eye surgery procedure has been completed!
Dr. Punzal resting with his eyes closed after undergoing corrective PRK Eye Surgery procedure.

9:30 am Dr. Punzal returns to his hotel to take a long, nice nap.

1:30 pm Dr. Punzal wakes up feeling refreshed and optimistic about having clearer vision in the weeks ahead. He starts his postoperative care with an antibiotic drop, an anti-inflammatory drop, and lubricating tears. Lubricating the eyes frequently with preservative free artificial tears is essential for optimal healing after refractive surgery.

Post Operation

Vision is hazy and eyes feel a little scratchy, but the Aloha Laser Vision team counseled Dr. Punzal well on what the PRK healing process is like. Dr. Punzal is able to rest and relax at the hotel before traveling home to Kaua’i with his new eyes!

Compared to LASIK, the recovery from PRK is a longer process. Depending on one’s occupation or daily activities, it is usually best to take at least a few days off following the procedure. Dr. Punzal returned to seeing patients four days after the surgery. As his corneas continue to heal, he is looking forward to enhanced clarity in the distance!

If you are interested in LASIK or PRK Eye Surgery for yourself or for a loved one, we would love to talk with you to see if you are a candidate for corrective eye surgery!

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