Punzal Vision
January 24, 2021

Brand Spotlight: TC-Charton

In 2009, Alexandra Peng Charton created TC-Charton, a designer eyewear brand that mainly focuses on frames to perfectly accommodate low fitting bridges, also known as asian-fit glasses.

With a low fitting nose bridge, it can be a challenge to find a frame that fits just right. Living in Hawai'i, we are known to be a melting pot of many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds (a large sum being asian). Since carrying TC-Charton, we've had a lot of success with frame selection for those that would benefit from "asian fit" frames.

Although this brand was created primarily to fit asian features, there are frame options for those of different ethnicities and facial structures.

If you feel that your current frames are not comfortable or that you could possibly benefit from an asian fit pair of glasses, stop by and see what we have available!

We hope to SEE you soon!

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