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Punzal Vision
September 13, 2020

Brand Spotlight: Dragon

Punzal Vision carries Dragon Sunglasses in Lihue, HI!

With a variety of ophthalmic and sunglass options, Dragon has continued to be one of our most popular brands that we carry. Dragon was established in California by Founder Will Howard in 1993. His love for outdoor activities and sports such as Surfing, Snowboarding, and Dirtbike Riding, he wanted to create glasses that would best support athletes.

Known for their sunglasses, Dragon is the only brand at Punzal Vision that has the H2O Floatable feature. Have you ever gone swimming in the pool or ocean with your sunglasses on and they accidentally fall off your face and into the water? Especially when at the beach, it can be very difficult to find them in all the waves, white wash, and current. With Dragon H20 Floatable frames, they will stay at the surface level of the water reducing the risk of losing them.

Wanna take a look? Come on down! Just give us a call stating that you will be stopping by as we are monitoring the amount of people in office for proper social distancing.

We hope to SEE you soon!

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