Punzal Vision
December 20, 2020

20% OFF Keiki Glasses

Keiki Discount 20% OFF

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season thus far. Just a reminder, as our keikis continue to distance learn, it’s important to provide them with the proper protection from digital products with a special coating on their prescription glasses.

Crizal Prevencia for Kids does the job! This coating acts as a barrier against the harmful Blue UV lights that come off of all digital products- iPhones, iPads, computers, tablets, and even TVs. Without protection from these devices, it can cause an increase in headaches and eyestrain creating a poor learning experience.

20% OFF Keiki Glasses & Sunglasses – OFFER ENDS 12/31/2020. With a valid / updated prescription, bring in your keiki and lets find them the perfect frame to go with their prescription lenses! Pua’s daughter Ka’onohi, just 3 years old, obtained her first pair of prescription glasses. She chose Hello Kitty! So cute!

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