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May 3, 2021

1 Week after LASIK!

Punzal Vision's own, Casey Ai get's LASIK Surgery.

We are so happy for Casey! Here's what she had to say about her experience at Aloha Laser Vision, the procedure itself, and the results:

I have been wearing glasses and contacts since I first met Dr. Punzal in 2004. With the active lifestyle I like to lead there were some things that made glasses or contacts both a hindrance. Because of this I have thought about getting LASIK, or some sort of refractive surgery, for a long time. When the opportunity  finally came around for me to do so, I jumped on it as quickly as I could.

The first step was seeing Dr. Punzal for a dilated exam so that he could send up his findings to Aloha Laser Vision, which is the facility that preformed the surgery. After that was done and I got the okay to schedule, the girls at the front desk helped me to schedule my pre-op, surgery, and post-op with Aloha Laser Vision. Since I was flying up to Oahu from Kauai for the surgery they were able to fit all three appointments into two days. By the end of it I felt like I knew everyone in the office and they knew me.

During the first exam with Aloha Laser Vision they took me back to do a few test on the machines they have in office to get some exact measurements of my eye. Then, one of their Optometrists on staff, Dr. Hanohano, looked over everything and made sure that all the info they received from my exam with Dr. Punzal was still correct. After she gave the okay, Dr. Faulkner came in to take a look at everything and answer any questions before my surgery the next day.

On the day of surgery they checked my vision one last time and then brought me to get prepped for surgery. The actual procedure only took about 10 minutes and then I was sent to bed to sleep till my follow up that afternoon. The staff at Aloha Laser Vision was awesome each step of the way. They explained exactly what to expect and were eager and willing to answer any questions I had.

It has been about a week since the procedure and it has been so surreal to be able to look out without glasses or contacts and be able to see. I feel like things are getting better and better as things heal and I can’t wait till I can jump in the water, open my eyes, and see for the first time in a really really long time.

Don't forget to visit our LASIK page on our website! There are two informational videos regarding the process of LASIK and Brity's wonderful experience!

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