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Spirit Week & ‘Ohana Day

Punzal Vision’s first ever Spirit Week! We felt so festive for the holiday’s, we thought why not continue it through the New Year! We put our regular themes aside and had a full week of dressing up with a little friendly competition on who brought it best.

Military Monday

Military Monday

Camouflage everything! Who doesn’t love camo print? Everyone looked great in their camo print!

Winner: Angelique. She had the most camo with her hat, pants, and scarf.

Twinning Tuesday

Pick your partner and twin with them from head to toe!

Dr. Punzal & Brity

Dr. Punzal and Brity dressed as Dr. Punzal in one of his favorite outfits! If you look closely, they even have the same glasses tie clip.

Pua and Shaylyn dressed as Kaua’i Marathon Runners. Look at those medals.

Karl and Angelique had their workout gear as well. Those Maui Jim hats look great.

Tianne and Lehua had the same of everything! Being that Lehua is 9 months pregnant, Tianne had to match her and creat the same belly (:


Casey did not work that day, but came for a quick moment dressed as the “twin” emoji from the iphones.

Winners: Tianne & Lehua.

Western Wednesday

Western Wednesday

Bring out the “paniolo” in you. Everyone had their boots, jeans, and some kind of rodeo/plaid shirts. Dr. Punzal and Tianne had coyboy hats while Brity and Pua brought their horses to work. This day was by far the patient’s favorite.

Winner: Brity! She would like to thank her Kansas roots.

Thunderstorm Thursday

Thunderstorm Thursday

Rainy weather! Everyone loves the sunny/hot days, but we embrace the rainy. You might be thinking, how can you dress for a rainy day other than rain boots and a jacket?

Winner: Pua – jacket AND poncho along with her rain boots. Couldn’t beat that.

Frantic Friday!

Frantic Friday

…and what better way to have Frantic Friday than with 40 preschoolers for our 3rd Annual ‘Ohana Day at Punzal Vision. What is Frantic Friday you ask? Well, some of us have the wrong shoes on, wearing out shirt backward, forgetting certain things at home, and hair all HAMAJANG.

Winner: Pua, yay!

3rd Annual ‘Ohana Day

Dr. Punzal and Brity’s two daughters, Makali’i and Lawakua, attend Island School preschool as well as Lehua’s son Bryden. Around 40 preschoolers come to Punzal Vision and have a fun filled morning to learn what we do here in office.

This year, we had six different stations.

1. Vision exam with Dr. Punzal and Pua.
2. Optical with Karl.
3. Color testing with Tianne.
4. Paper plate eye ball with Lehua.
5. Eye spy with Angelique.
6. Hygeine/germs with Casey.

After that we had a delicious lunch at Domino’s- Pizza Party, Woo!

We had so much fun this past week.

We’re already looking forward to next year!

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