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May 15, 2023

Punzal Vision attends VSP Mahalo Seminar & Certification Testing

Team Punzal Vision attends the VSP Mahalo Seminar 2023!

Our entire team at Punzal Vision recently attended the VSP Mahalo Seminar on Oahu!

In additional to attending the seminar, some of our team members were also able to participate in testing to attain further professional certifications.

Members of our team took certification tests for Certified Paraoptometric (CPO), Certified Paraoptometric Assistant (CPOA) and American Board of Opticianry (ABO).

Once the testing was complete, we all went on to attend the VSP Mahalo Optometry Event!

The Punzal Vision girls at VSP Mahalo Seminar 2023.

The VSP Mahalo Optometry Event had multiple course tracks to provide education for all areas of our office: Paraoptometrics, Opticians, and Doctors. We were also able to network with many VSP representatives, vendors and other Optometry practices.

In the Optician track, there was a Pure Optics Jeopardy game, in which our Optician, Keahi, was a participant. He was quick to the buzzer and knew many of the answers.

Keahi wins the Optician track Put Optics!

By the end of the game, he was far in the lead and was the big winner! He won a signed copy of Phernell Walker's latest edition of his book Pure Optics.

Our trip to Oahu was both fun and educational! Traveling in a large group gave us the opportunity to grow closer as a team.

Mahalo to everyone who put on the event, and to all of the participants who showed up and made it such a great time!

We are already looking forward to the next trip!

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