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Punzal Vision
October 25, 2021

On Your Face or In The Case!

Dr. Punzal of Punzal Vision, Kauai Eye Doctor.

One of Dr. Punzal's favorite mottos! It's important to keep your glasses protected by putting them in the case when you’re not using them. This decreases the risk of damage to the frame and lens. It’s also important to keep them away from heat and sunlight. Extreme / prolonged periods of heat to the lens can result in crazing.

Eyeglasses crazing.
Crazing is a series of tiny cracks that can appear on any lens that has an anti-reflective coating, if the lenses are improperly cared for.

Try not to place your glasses on your dashboard, near a window, or outdoors. Always wear your prescription glasses and sunglasses - on your face, or in the case! Heathy eyes are happy eyes!

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