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Punzal Vision
January 10, 2021

Office Lenses

The difference between office lenses and standard progress lenses, is that office lenses allow you to look directly at the computer screen without tilting your head back to read detailed text.

Over the past few months, you may have heard us talk more about "office lenses" or "computer progressives."

"What are Office Lenses?"

Office lenses are task specific glasses made for the intermediate and near ranges. A lot of our patients and people in general have occupations where the majority of their day is at a desk doing computer work and referencing papers or other reading materials. With office lenses, this makes it easier to obtain clear vision at those specific ranges.

"What's the difference between office lenses and progressive lenses? Don't progressives have the intermediate and near built along with distance all in one lens?"

Yes, progressive lenses are also known as a no line bifocal with three ranges of vision- distance, intermediate, and near. However, with progressive lenses, the corridor of clear vision is fairly small and people have to put in a bit more effort to find the "sweet spot" where it's clearest.

Benefits of Office Lens compared to Progressives

With office lenses, since it's just for intermediate and near, you have a bigger area of clear vision for each. Office lenses are not meant for driving, watching TV, or doing any other activity that's beyond arm's length but has been very beneficial for computer, office, and desk work. You will notice less effort, strain, and a decrease in back/neck pain.

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