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Punzal Vision
October 4, 2020

20% OFF All Keiki Glasses & Sunglasses

Last but not least, we would like to introduce to you, our 4th Quarter Promotion!

20% OFF ALL KEIKI GLASSES AND SUNGLASSES! Ages 17 years and younger. ***Keiki must be present at time of purchase***

Punzal Vision 4th quarter promotion.

With distance / virtual learning comes prolonged periods of zoom meetings, online classes, computer or iPad work. Majority of today’s digital products have harmful Blue UV lights that come off the screen which can result in headaches and eyestrain. Prescription glasses with an added anti-reflective / anti-glare coating acts as a barrier against those lights preventing any pain, strain, and fatigue in the eyes. Crizal Prevencia, a premium and popular product, is a specific type of coating that does just that.

Prevencia reduces glare, is scratch resistant, repels dust, repels water, smudge resistant, provides UV protection, and is the only Crizal coating that protects the eyes from those harmful Blue UV lights.

For pediatric patients, most vision insurance plans help to cover or pay an amount toward anti-reflective coatings like Prevencia. Have questions about your specific plan? We have answers!

Although most beneficial when doing digital work, wearing it throughout the day reduces glare from man made lighting and protects 30% of UV exposure from the sun.

During these challenging times, Punzal Vision is here to help make our keiki’s learning experience more enjoyable.

Hope to SEE you soon!

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