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Punzal Vision
January 13, 2020

Interview: Brittney Marcos

Brittney Marcos is our newest team member at Punzal Vision!

Brittney, you joined Punzal Vision in October of 2019. What’s your favorite thing about working here so far?

Brittney: My favorite part about working here at Punzal Vision is being able to work with colleagues who come from all different backgrounds and are able to be serious and professional when needed, but still be able to have fun, be goofy and silly majority of the time. Everyone definitely grew on me, and I grew to love them all!

Where are you from? What school did you attend? What made you interested in the medical field?

Brittney: I’m an OHG! HAHA! No, but really, I am! I graduated from Kauai High school in 2008. I later went to Kauai Community College to continue my schooling and realized that I didn’t like going to school. I ended up going to the beach everyday with my friends to play beach volleyball and I later met my lover and best friend, my husband, Marlon. #professionalbeachbum

To be honest, I never saw myself working in the medical field. I saw myself helping others in other ways. But I can truly say that I now enjoy being able to be there to help others who need help SEEing.

You’re a wife and mother of three. How do you manage such a busy schedule?

Brittney: Time, balance, and teamwork. My husband and I are able to balance the time, and prioritize what’s important to both of us, and what we believe is best in our children’s lives.

You recently won the title of 1st Place in The Overall Bikini category for the 2019 Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic Bodybuilding Competition. What made you get into bodybuilding and fitness in the first place and what do you love about it?

Brittney: What made me get into fitness and bodybuilding was the ability for self-growth; mentally, physically, emotionally and yes, spiritually. At the same time, you meet a lot of people along the way, all from different paths of life; doctors, aunties and uncles, people recovering from a sickness, people who just come out of jail, anyone and everyone. But in the end, we all are doing it for the same reason; to feel, look and be healthier and better.

What is your favorite thing to on your days off?

Brittney: On my days off I like to try and sleep in. But sometimes it doesn’t happen because sleeping in means still waking up before the sun comes up. I love to spend time with my little Ohana and lay at the beach while soaking up the sun( or hide in the shade), watching my children play in their sports teams, and try to do new
Adventures with them.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Brittney: Oh the places I want to see and the places I want to go! I’d love to go and explore through Asia and Africa. I would love to explore and understand all the asian cultures, and eat all the authentic food. I’d love to go on an African safari and actually see wild animals in their own natural habitats…I mean i see it every day, but in Africa, it’ll be sooo much better!

Can you tell us three things that’s on your bucket-list?

Brittney: Three things on my bucket list would be
———1) jump in a cage and swim with great white sharks
———2) take one big road trip through all 48 states
———3) be able to ride on a camel and elephant (not at the same time though)

How long have you and your husband been married? What’s something you’ve learned as an individual and together?

Brittney: My husband Marlon and I have been together for 10 years. We’ve been married for 5 of those 10 years. One thing that I’ve learned about being married is that I have the ability to control EVERYTHING!


One thing that we’ve learned together and are still learning to do is communicate each other’s love languages.

For anyone who has the pleasure to meet and get to know you, we all know that you’re the life of the party- giiiiirrrrrllll! What’s your piece of advice for being so uplifting and positive no matter what’s going on in the day?

Brittney: No no no. Thank you though! Piece of advice? Knowing that you cannot control every situation or how every person is going to see, take or feel it, YOU are the only one who can control how you feel and look towards it. In the end, everything is going to be okay. Soooo don’t forget to smile, giggle a little, and laugh more.

What’s one thing you hope to learn from working here at Punzal Vision?

Brittney: I would love to learn more about the naked eye itself. I’d like to be able to know how to say and spell some of the terms, illnesses, and medications correctly without getting tongue twisted or search on google.


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