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Punzal Vision
March 8, 2021

International Women's Day

The Woman of Punzal Vision w/ Dr. Punzal (& Karl)!

Happy International Women's Day!

We have 8 beautiful and strong women employed here at Punzal Vision.

In honor of women's day, we will discuss what brand of glasses we each have and the type of lenses we wear.

Tianne - For my Ophthalmic frames, I have Gucci. I chose this frame because it has a simple style and it's very light weight. My prescription is very small, so I strictly use my glasses for the Prevencia coating (blue light blocker). It has helped me to prevent any headaches or eye fatigue that comes with the hours of computer work we do.

Lehua - I have Rag & Bone frame with single vision distance lenses. I got the Eyezen 0 (no boost in power, but has the built in UV protection) and Crizal Sapphire 360 coating to help reduce glare and prevent eyestrain. My prescription is on the higher side so I chose to have the thinnest lens material possible. This way, the lenses are not as bulky or heavy.

Brittney - Salvator Ferragamo with Eyezen 1 which has a boost in power when reading and a built in Blue UV protector.

Tiana - Recently I was seen by Dr Punzal for a much needed eye exam. I found at this visit that I was in need of some vision corrections, and on this visit I was able to order myself a pair of Prada Milano eyeglasses. Within these frames I have a different prescription in each eye, OD 0.75, and OS -1.00,within my lenses I had ordered for the UV protection to be built within my glasses. This will still help while using devices, but it also helps me to still utilize my glasses while driving without a reflection off of my glasses. I have not yet used my prescription glasses but I' m very excited, especially after Dr Punzal had shown me how I'd be able to see once they do come in. I haven't seen my vision this clear for how long I'm unsure, but it was very exciting to see things the way that they should be. Knowing that I will no longer need to squint or constantly try to focus my eyes and have less eye strain is what I'm looking forward to.

Kjandra - Frame: Longchamp. Lens: EZN +1, Crizal Sapphire UV coating. I love my glasses! I use it everyday even when I’m not at work. With the special coatings I don’t see myself getting headaches or eyestrain when I’m on my iPad at work or on my phone.

Casey - I currently have two different glasses with my most updated prescription that I use. One of them is a frameless Dior and the other is a black plastic Maui Jim frame. Both of them have an Eyezen +1 lens and Crizal anti reflective coating. My Dior frame is my trendy, dress up frame that I can wear to work at the office or a date night with the husband. I chose to go with the Avance Crizal coating on these frames to accentuate the clear aesthetic of the glasses. With my Maui Jim frame I was wanting something more casual that I can just toss on to run errands or wear at the end of the day to lounge around the house. With this in mind I got the Sapphire Crizal coating since it has technology that gives the lens superior UV protection as well as makes it better for nighttime driving.  I love them both, and as women it's our prerogative to have options right?

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