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Happy New Year!

Punzal Vision wishes you a happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2018 has been full of blessings, adventure, and love. In March, Punzal Vision celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary in our new location at Hokulei Village. Throughout the year, we participated in three runs including The Kaua’i Half Marathon- for some of us, that was a first. We enjoyed dressing up and being festive for the holidays. We continue to grow as a team in and outside of the office. Last but not least, with the new year comes new years resolutions! Here’s what we hope to accomplish in 2019.

Dr. Punzal – To uplift others with positive energy and applying that to my daily life as a Father, Husband, Doctor, and Employer.

Brity Punzal – To continuously improve the Punzal Vision experience for both patient’s and employees.

Pua Cobb-Adams – To get my garden at our new house fluorishing. To dedicate monthly one on one activites for my husband and each of my 5 keiki. To cut out 20 minutes off my half marathon time in September!

Lehua Watanabe – To learn to have balance between 3 sons and still having time to devote to her husband, Bryson. Also to lose her baby weight.

Karl Oshiro – To concentrate more on the things that matter most.

Tianne Castillo – To laugh more and do things I haven’t done before! I think that should be done all year every year. So I guess it’s also to eat healthier, save money, and exercise more.

Casey Segawa – To do more outdoor activities with Aiko.

Shaylyn Silva – To work on balancing school and work and try to not fail my classes.

Angelique Marshall – To have more self care.

We hope everyone had a great 2018 with an even better 2019!

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