Eye Emergencies: What should you do?

Dr. Punzal, performing a comprehensive eye examination.

When something goes wrong with your eyes, it can be a pretty scary experience – you may have pain or irritation, complete swelling or trauma to the eye, or even something as severe as temporary vision loss!

Luckily with some quick and careful action, eye emergencies and injuries can be treated, so that you are able to get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

Let’s look at some of the more common kinds of emergencies and what you should do if you find yourself in that situation.

Eye infections

For short term relief of eye infection symptoms such as itchiness and burning, you can hold a cold compress gently on your eye. If the sensations continue it is best to get yourself to a doctor who will give you a proper treatment and prescription. Whatever you do, don’t touch the area around your eyes with your fingers.

The dreaded pink eye

Even though viral Pink Eye will usually clear up by itself after a few days, it is contagious, so best to keep your distance from your loved ones until it does. The bacterial version will need pills or eyedrops from your eye doctor for it to go away. So, book an appointment with your eye care professional.

Trauma to or around the eye

A blow to the face by an opponent on the sports field can be extremely serious depending on the force, and can damage the nerves and other parts of the eye. In case of a serious trauma or impact, immediately apply ice to the eye and head straight to the emergency room.

Something stuck in the eye!

Small items such as a bug, speck of dirt, or eyelashes can get lodged in-between the eyelid and eyeball, causing irritation. Splashing cold water over your eyes can help to dislodge the trapped debris, if blinking it out doesn’t work. However, if the object is more than just a bug or a bit of dust, and penetrates your eyeball, further damage can occur if you try to remove it yourself. So, stay calm, do not make any sudden movements, and get yourself carefully to the nearest emergency room.

Sudden loss of vision or seeing light flashes

Temporary vision loss can be due to several causes, including the artery connected to your eye being blocked or restricted. If you’re seeing spots or flashes of light, it is likely to be the jelly-like substance in the middle of your eye pulling on your retina as it contracts. An eye specialist is the best person to see in either circumstances for correct diagnosis and treatment. So, if you experience either of these eye related emergencies – make a call to your eye care specialist immediately!

Stay safe!

While we trust that you will do everything you can to protect your eyes, if you do happen to get an infection or injury, make sure to schedule an appointment with an eye care professional as soon as possible to have the issue properly diagnosed.

Punzal Vision is here for all of your eye care needs and while it is important to have an eye doctor to call in times of emergency, it is equally important to take preventative measures to ensure your eyes stay healthy and your vision stays clear.

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