Replacing Your Contact Lens Case

Dirty contact lenses are no fun for your eyes. Bacteria from dirty contact lenses and/or a dirty contact lens case may cause your eyes to be uncomfortable and irritated. Bacteria build up may ultimately lead to a bacterial infection. The good news is this could be avoided by replacing your contact lens case and correctly cleaning your contact lenses to protect and preserve your long-term eye health.



Here are some tips to keep in mind about your contact lens case:
1. Always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses and contact lens case.
2. Replace your contact lens case every 3 months. Although one changes the solution daily, overtime bacteria will continue to build up within the contact lens case and become a source of contamination.
3. Never reuse solution.
4. Everyday, thoroughly rinse your contact lens case with fresh solution and rub the inside with clean fingers.
5. Always completely empty out your contact lens case and have it air dry upside down with the caps off.
6. Be sure to disinfect your contact lens case by either boiling the case in water for 5 minutes or run it through a dishwasher.


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