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Punzal Vision
March 8, 2020

Brand Spotlight: Oakley

Oakley Sunglasses, Kauai Hawaii

Oakley glasses, clear and sun, are known for their comfortable fit and design made to enhance your athletic performance and outdoor experience. Oakley has a wide variety of lens colors and frame styles for men, women, and children. Football, baseball, snowboarding, golfing, motorsports, surfing, and fishing are just a few sports that Oakley creates specialized frames and lenses for. Their line of Prizm glasses is an Oakley lens technology designed to enhance color and contrast so you can see more detail. You may have heard of or even be fans of some of their brand ambassadors such as Patrick Mahomes- Kansas Chiefs Quarterback. We have a wide selection of frames in office and can assist you with customized orders to fit your daily visual needs and personal style preferences.

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