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Punzal Vision
April 11, 2021

Anti Fog Spray at Punzal Vision

Punzal Vision offers zero fog eyewear spray.

Since masks have been a requirement, fogging has been a constant issue when wearing glasses. In the past, we have given suggestions on how to reduce the fogging that required medical grade tape or using Kleenex, but we are selling anti-fog spray here at Punzal Vision.

Zero Fog Plus is an anti-fog spray that can be used on all types of glasses. Whether that be sunglasses or clear glasses, with or without anti-reflective coating, plastic or metal frame!

We have tested it on our own glasses and can tell an improvement! There is no limit as to how many times you can spray your glasses, but we have found that one spray lasts a while.

With taking preventative measures such as this, you will see much clearer when wearing your glasses with a mask!

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