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August 2, 2020

Allergies in Hawai’i

Allergies in Hawaii.

We all have admired our beautiful greenery of the islands. With all of our vibrantly fragranced trees, flowers, and fruits- one can suffer from severe allergies causing sinus issues and itchy, irritated, red, watery eyes. You might not think much of it as it has most likely been a part of your life here in the islands. Some of the more known plants to cause itching and irritation are: Mock Orange, Mango, and Albizia.

When severe enough, the inflammation within your eyes can be the cause of decreased vision. People commonly make the mistake of vigorously rubbing your eyes or relying on over the counter remedies. Although we love and recommend everyone to use artificial tears such as Refresh and Systane frequently, if your allergies are not resolved with those remedies, it may require further treatment.

It’s best to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. We will provide the appropriate care and may prescribe an anti-allergy / anti-inflammatory regimen to significantly reduce your symptoms in a timely manner. Once Dr. Punzal clinically sees an improvement, it will most likely be recommended to stay on a maintenance prescription eye drop that can be used for itching on an as needed basis.

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