The Punzal ‘Ohana

A dedicated husband and father of three daughters, Makaliʻi, Lawakua, and ʻIolana. Dr. Punzal is very active outside of the office as well. Physical fitness, family, and church are very important to him as well as his work within the community.

US Army Reserve Major

Dr. Punzal was a Major in the United States Army Reserve, and aided his fellow soldiers with their vision and eye care needs.

Kaua'i Cup & Local Competitor

Dr. Punzal was born & raised on Kaua’i. In his spare time he enjoys surfing, swimming, biking, and running. He has also competed in body building competitions such as The Kaua’i Cup and is an active participant in many local events, competitions and races.

Local Events with Team Punzal Vision

The Punzal ‘Ohana participates together in various community events like the Kaua’i Marathon, Koloa Plantation Days Family Run, Old Sugar Mill Run, and the Kaua’i Cup.

Health Fairs & School Career Days

At Punzal Vision we are inspired to bring our passion for health and health care to our community and to the children of Kaua'i, through our Health Fairs and School Career Days. During our career day talks we walk children through the basics of the science behind our vision, the process of an eye examination, and what it takes to become a Doctor of Optometry. We hope to encourage the next generation to become involved in and leaders of the health care field!

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Reminder: End of Year Eye Exams

As we’re coming toward the middle of November, it’s not too late to have a comprehensive eye exam before the new year! Let’s walk into 2020 with 20/20 vision, examination of the health of your eyes, and a new pair of stylish glasses 😎 As we always say, eye exams are important at EVERY age. …

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Interview: Kahelena Degracia

Kahe, you’ve been with us for a couple of months now, how do you like working here at Punzal Vision? Kahe: Working at Punzal Vision has taught me a lot about the eye that I did not know about. I love that I am always learning something new everyday. Everyone here is just wonderful people …

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Tribute to Uncle Wayne

Wayne Watanabe- known as a proud Kapa’a High School principle and legendary football coach across the island of Kaua’i. Not only was he a significant part of the department of education, but a loving husband, father, and grandfather above all. Uncle Wayne (as we called him) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2008. He has been …

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