The Punzal ‘Ohana

A dedicated husband and father of three daughters, Makaliʻi, Lawakua, and ʻIolana. Dr. Punzal is very active outside of the office as well. Physical fitness, family, and church are very important to him as well as his work within the community.

US Army Reserve Major

Dr. Punzal was a Major in the United States Army Reserve, and aided his fellow soldiers with their vision and eye care needs.

Kaua'i Cup & Local Competition

Dr. Punzal was born & raised on Kaua’i. In his spare time he enjoys surfing, swimming, biking, and running. He also enjoys spending time with his family and going to church.

Local Events with Team Punzal Vision

The Punzal ‘Ohana participates together in various community events like the Kaua’i Marathon, Koloa Plantation Days Family Run, Old Sugar Mill Run, and the Kaua’i Cup.

Health Fairs & School Career Days

At Punzal Vision we are inspired to bring our passion for health and health care to our community and to the children of Kaua'i, through our Health Fairs and School Career Days. During our career day talks we walk children through the basics of the science behind our vision, the process of an eye examination, and what it takes to become a Doctor of Optometry. We hope to encourage the next generation to become involved in and leaders of the health care field!

The View: Community

Our Trip to Hilo

Punzal Vision is always excited to foster new professional relationships in order to improve patient care. This past weekend, Dr. Punzal, Brity, and Pua traveled to Hawai’i Island for continuing education and to network with Hawai’i Vision Specialists in Hilo. Dr. Dan Driscoll and Dr. Miki’ala Souza are a husband and wife team providing comprehensive …

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Spirit Week & ‘Ohana Day

Punzal Vision’s first ever Spirit Week! We felt so festive for the holiday’s, we thought why not continue it through the New Year! We put our regular themes aside and had a full week of dressing up with a little friendly competition on who brought it best. Military Monday Camouflage everything! Who doesn’t love camo …

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Halloween & Wilcox Career Day

What a productive and fun week we had! As most of you know, every year for Halloween, we try to be as festive as possible with a costume that is like no other. This year we were Mummies! And not just any mummy, but Toilet Paper Mummies. It was a definitely a process, but with …

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