How To: Prevent Contact Lenses from Ripping (Care Instructions)

Proper care when handling your Contact Lenses is essential for the longevity of the lens.

Contact lenses are a great way to correct your vision without affecting your appearance or impacting your performance in sports and other areas of your life. While contact lenses can be a tremendous asset to you and your lifestyle, they do require proper attention and care. One problem that we are frequently asked about is how to prevent contact lenses from tearing. So, we put together a short list for you to reference:

1. Avoid Handling Dry Lenses

The most important thing to note is that Contact Lenses will rip if they become too dry. So when your eyes are getting dry and you wish to remove your lenses – simply use a few drops of contact lens solution on the lens and eye, before removing the lenses with your fingertips. This will give the lens suction to stick to your finger as well as protect the lens from tearing.

2. Handle Lenses Gently when Cleaning

We all know the feeling of rushing to clean something. However, contact lenses are definitely something you want to take your time with while cleaning. Make sure to rub them down gently with smooth even strokes, so as not to catch and tear them during the process.

3. Always Store Lenses in Protective Case

When you are not using your contact lenses, always keep them in a protective case. This will help to keep them protected from dust, pollen and other elements in the air – and will also keep them from drying up and cracking. Remember, the key to longevity in your contact lenses is to keep them protected and make sure that they do not get too dry.

Punzal Vision offers protective cases for your Contact Lenses.

These are just a few tips for protecting your Contact Lenses and ensuring that they do not tear. If you do not yet have Contact Lenses and are interested in seeing if Contact Lenses would be a good fit for you – please give us a call or fill out our contact form to Book An Appointment!

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