Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our ‘Ohana to yours!

This past week was filled with Christmas cheer which is why it’s our favorite time of year!

This season around, we decided to do Secret Santa. We wanted to try something different, so we made it a three part/day gift exchange.

Wednesday was Day 1 – get a Christmas accessory for your special person to wear. From crazy hats to beautiful earrings along with our Christmas sweaters, we couldn’t have been more festive! With those accessories, it was the perfect finishing touch to our wardrobe as we caroled around the Lihue area shortly after. Singing Jingle Bells (a classic) to some of our favorite offices with no warning, no heads up, just barged in with our Christmas spirit.

Day 2 – give your special person something sweet! Our break room was filled with all kinds of goodies! Chocolates, jelly beans, and even those tart candies we all love. Everyone still couldn’t figure out who were each others secret santa. The suspense built up even more.

On Friday, we finally opened the last gift and was able to guess who our secret santa was. Some of us got it correct, and some didn’t. We had so much fun putting this together and having this mystery go on around the office. It was definitely a success!

Let’s not forget the reason for the season! We are so blessed to have our Punzal Vision ‘Ohana so close with one another and to be able to enjoy Christmas at home and at work.

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