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3 Pearls from the Island Eyes Conference

Punzal Vision attends Island Eyes Conference

Each day of the Island Eyes Conference, we took home three pearls that we learned from that days classes. Today, we would like to share with you three pearls from the entire conference.

1) We are in an era where technology is constantly developing in all aspects of life. From cell phones, car features, to artificial intelligence (AI). Applying AI to the medical field is already well underway. Robotics in healthcare are currently changing how we deliver care to patients. While this innovation is so intriguing, even the most advanced technology and virtual assistance cannot replace the staff and patient relationship. In the future, we will continue to apply technology to personal care for the best overall experience with your medical needs.

2) Macular Degeneration is a progressive disease process that affects many people. Anti-VEGF treatment delivered through intravitreal injections reduce new blood vessel growth and swelling. The downside of the current injections is the frequent administering, which is every 6 weeks. We learned about the recently FDA approved drug called Beovu, which can spread out the frequency of injections needed.

3) Early diagnostic detection is of the utmost importance in our practice and can be the difference between types of treatment plans. Here at Punzal Vision, we keep up with the latest and greatest medical instruments giving us the best scans, photos, and measurements of your eyes. With this information, we are able to detect diagnosis that could possibly be the cause of decreased vision and even discover other systemic diseases that patients were unaware of.

We continue to provide the best care and experience for our patients. We hope to SEE you soon!

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