Happy Birthday Dr. Punzal!

Dr. Punzal - Best eye doctor on Kaua'i!

This weekend was Dr. Punzal’s birthday! As a small token of our appreciation for him, we had everyone on the team at Punzal Vision and some of his ʻOhana share with us their favorite things about Dr. Punzal. Enjoy!

Shaylyn – I love when Dr. Punzal is in a good mood and expresses it by dancing. I was cleaning up one day and all of a sudden the music gets louder and I pass by the room and there he is dancing his heart out. Also, his laugh is super contagious and it makes me want to laugh as well.

Casey – My favorite thing about working with Dr. Punzal and being around him is his contagious laugh. When he finds something funny his laughter will fill the whole office and really puts you in a good mood.

Tianne – When I first got hired at Punzal Vision, I never thought I would be in the room, scribing, next to Dr. Punzal on a daily basis. Within these past two years, I’ve gotten to know him quite well. I don’t really have a favorite “thing” about him, instead I have a favorite type of Dr. Punzal. As we like to call him, the 6:24 Dr. Punzal is the best. After a long day of clinic and patient care, he winds down, puts on his favorite music / audible book, may or may not have a few doughnuts, and is as cool as a cucumber! As Shaylyn shared, I have also witnessed him bust out a few moves on many occasions. He may not always be on beat, but it brings joy to the staff! Happy Birthday Dr. Punzal. Who’s going to have a good day?? YOU are!

Dr. Punzal and his daughter at the office!

Pua – Working with Dr. Punzal keeps my life exciting. His personality is like Baskin Robbins, colorful with 31 flavors. The only difference is that you get to choose what you want at Baskin Robbins. With Dr. Punzal, you never know what you are going to get. One year it may be Triathlons, another year it is bodybuilding competitions. One day it may be about tracking Macros and eating weighed out portions of chicken breast and berries, and on another day, it is Jack In the Box and Haagen Daaz chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Sometimes he plays Luke Bryan, and other days, he invites us to join him in rocking out to Cardi B. He is current and hip, but he also values classic style and paying homage to traditions. His refined taste is also an inspiration- I too, now only enjoy my drinks pinky up, whether it is sparkling water or boxed wine. The past 13 years of working alongside Dr. Punzal have been a roller coaster, but it keeps my life exciting. The life experiences I have had because of him have truly impacted my life. When I fell and had a terrible ankle sprain five minutes into a group run, he convinced me to push through and finish the 9.75 miles. This taught me to be resilient (and my left ankle as well, which did not recover for 4 months and is still prone to buckling from time to time). When no one picked up the taro mochi, he made me remember never to forget to read his mind and to always try to be in two places at the same time. He has also showed me that compression pants are magical and sucks it all in. I have also come to love sweater dresses, especially when we are doing drop in Christmas caroling. With all of the influences Dr. Punzal has had on me, there are some trademarks that I will always leave to him . . . wearing sunglasses at night and in dimly lit restaurants, dancing on the off beat (with the same motions to all songs), and ordering 7 different sauces for every meal. Happy Birthday to our boss man! Thank you for keeping life exciting! Keep on moisturizing, the years have been kind to you because of it!

Dr. Punzal at his optometrist office and retail location!

Karl – If you haven’t noticed how involved our team is with being active in the community, it’s due to Dr. Punzal’s STRONGLY encouraged efforts of keeping us active. We spontaneously receive a receipt for an event that we’ve suddenly signed up for, but it’s all in good fun… or as he likes to put it “TEAM BONDING.” I don’t think many of us would’ve been this active on our own and now we have him to thank for our healthier life style. As we start to train for the Half Marathon coming up in September, I’m hoping we’ll both end up at the final stretch together and that sprint to the end will be many kodak moments. Happy Birthday Dr. Punzal!

Angelique – One thing I love about Dr. Punzal is his laugh when something is really funny.

Lehua – Something I love about Dr. is his “go get em” nature and spontaneity with everything. Over the years of knowing Dr. Punzal, he’s taken me out of my comfort zone in many ways. While at times I frantically tried to scramble up any excuse to get out of his adventures, he always gave me the assurance that anything can be done if you put your mind to it, or if your boss signs you up before you even know it, haha! Flashback to our first half marathon a few years ago, I laughed at the thought of entering in such an enduring event. Flash forward two years later and we’re preparing for our 4th Half Marathon! Whether it be entering swim races in Hanalei (which I can proudly say is a race I beat Dr. Punzal in, lol) or walking around drenched in sweat in toilet paper while dressed up as mummies during Halloween last year, Dr. has always been a “go big or go home” kind of guy and I must say, I am lucky to work for someone who doesn’t take “basic” as an option (can I say Hunter boots and ponchos on rainy days or chaps and cowboy hats on Western days). Happy Birthday Dr. Punzal, here’s to many many more, and whenever in doubt just “geeeeev um”!

Dr. Punzal and his 'ohana!

Brity – I appreciate Dr. Punzal’s sense of style and fashion. He spends DAYS researching and deciding on what clothes or shoes to purchase. When he finally has it narrowed down to two options, he asks me which I like better…then buys the opposite one! Happy Birthday, Husband! You have my permission to buy a new pair of shoes!

Marcus Punzal – Although small in stature, he has one of the biggest hearts that I know.

Uncle Michael Punzal – I love that Dr. Joel is a dedicated father/ husband and provider for his family. His generosity is not only limited to his immediate family but it branches out to his uncles and cousins as well. I am very happy how my nephew has turned out and I am proud that he is a Punzal.

Jacob (Smilie) Punzal – There are numerous things that I love about my brother but the one thing that stands out is when He is focused and passionate about something, He pours out his full energy and heart into it and that’s why Punzal Vision is so successful and well loved on Kaua’i.

From all of us:

Happy Birthday Dr. Punzal!

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