Halloween & Wilcox Career Day

Team Punzal Vision dressed up as Mummies for Halloween this year!

What a productive and fun week we had!

As most of you know, every year for Halloween, we try to be as festive as possible with a costume that is like no other. This year we were Mummies! And not just any mummy, but Toilet Paper Mummies. It was a definitely a process, but with team work and efficiency, our entire staff of 9 was wrapped and ready to see patients by 9:00am. The idea came about when Dr. Punzal and his wife Brity saw a memory of their Halloween a few years ago dressed as Toilet Paper Mummies. It was just too good to pass up!

We walked through Hokulei Village and wished our neighbors a Happy Halloween! Shortly after, we did a quick stop by Island School Pre K to visit Dr. and Brity’s daughters Makali’i and Lawakua, as well as Lehua’s son Bryden for their Halloween Party. The kids loved that we were all dressed up. We had so many people take videos and photos of us. We’re just happy we could put a smile on people’s faces along the way!

Punzal Vision attends the Wilcox Elementary School Career Day.

That following Friday, we attended the Wilcox Elementary Career Day. This time, we presented to about 126 Kindergartners. We divided each class up in to three groups for our three different stations. The first station was the visual acuity test with Dr. Punzal and our Practice Manager Pua. It was important for us to show the students a glimpse of what they would do at their eye appointment to show them that it’s not a scary experience at all. The second station was with Lehua who had a bag filled with different items. The students then had to guess what items were in the bag without using their sight. The last station was an arts and crafts area where the kids could draw their eyeballs. Not only did this allow them to show off their artistic skills, but it gave them an opportunity to learn some anatomy as well. They learned the name of the black part, colored part, and white part of the eye, as well as the eyelids and eyelashes.

The staff and faculty at Wilcox Elementary welcomed us with warm hospitality and open arms. They provided refreshments, lunch, and an overall positive experience. Mahalo to Wilcox Elementary School for having us and to everyone who participated in the Career Day this year!

Stay tuned for more fun activities and events that Punzal Vision will be participating in!

We look forward to SEEing you soon!

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