Get Contact Lenses

Interested in wearing contact lenses? Punzal Vision is here to help!

Whether you’re an existing patient or new patient, from beginning to end, Punzal Vision will be here to help you on your contact lens journey!

Here are the steps we will take:

Step #1 – Dr. Punzal will perform a complete comprehensive medical eye exam to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for contact lens wear.

Step #2 – We will schedule you for a separate contact lens fitting exam. During this visit, Dr. Punzal will fit you with the most appropriate contact lens and assess the vision, movement and overall comfort. Dr. Punzal will then direct you to one of our contact lens technicians to thoroughly go through and practice insertion and removal of the contact lens.

Step #3 – After completing successful insertion and removal in office, we will schedule you for a third and final appointment about four to five days post of your fitting exam. During this time period, we encourage the patient to continue to practice insertion and removal of the trial contact lenses.

Step #4 – At your final visit, we’ll have you come in wearing your contact lenses and Dr. Punzal will once again assess the vision, movement and overall comfort to ensure successful wear.

…And that’s it! We’ll have you wearing contact lenses in no time. We hope to SEE you soon!

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