The Punzal Vision Dress Code

We recently had “spirit week” to start off the New Year, but what some people don’t know is that we have dress code traditions weekly!

It all started when Dr. Punzal decided that if and when he would have his own practice, he would wear a neck tie everyday. In a professional setting, we often see men wearing neck ties. So to spice things up, he wanted to wear a bow tie once weekly- Bow Tie Friday had a nice ring to it.

Dr. Punzal wears a bow tie to the office.

Living in Hawaii, everyone knows of “Aloha Friday” right? Well, when Bow Tie Friday became official, Tropical Tuesday was created. Every Tuesday, you will find Dr. Punzal and the Punzal Vision staff with Aloha wear and extra shakas 🙂 We even play local/Hawaiian music throughout the office for the entire day.

Tropical Tuesday at Punzal Vision.

Punzal Vision is open Monday-Saturday. With long working weeks, Dr. Punzal felt that one day out of the week should be dedicated to casual but still professional attire. Jeans give an approachable and casual feel on Saturdays to reflect that it’s our shorter day as we go into our weekend. And not to mention, everyone looks good in blue jeans!

On Saturday, we wear Jeans to the office at Punzal Vision.

“On Wednesdays we wear pink” is a well known line from the movie Mean Girls starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Tina Fey. One day, that line from the movie came up in conversation and we all felt that it would be the perfect addition to our dress codes. Not only is Dr. Punzal’s favorite color pink, but it’s also the color of our furniture throughout the office.

Wednesdays we wear Pink! at Punzal Vision.

If you have an appointment on a day that falls on a Tropical Tuesday, Pink Wednesdays, Bow Tie Friday, or Jeans Saturday- we encourage you to participate and have fun with us! 🙂

We hope to SEE you soon!

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