Punzal Vision Celebrates 2 Years in Hokulei Village!

Punzal Vision celebrates 2 Years in Hokulei Village!

Cheers to 2 years!

March 27th, 2017 was our first official day seeing patient’s in our Hokulei Village location. Ever since returning to Kaua’i in 2003, it’s been a dream and goal of Dr. Punzal’s to have his own practice. The opportunity of being in Hokulei Village could not have been more perfect. We all remember the days leading up to our opening- a lot of preparation and hard work but we couldn’t wait any longer to see all of our amazing patients! It has now come to our two year mark and we can’t believe how lucky and blessed we are to have such amazing patient’s that choose to see us as their eye care provider!

Team Punzal Vision

Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Since having this location, we’ve had:

  • Our Punzal Vision Blessing
  • The Punzal Vision Grand Opening.
  • Two Punzal Vision Black Friday Events.
  • Three Ohana Days for Makali’i and Bryden.
  • Prepped for the multiple career/health fair days at schools around the island.
  • Four of our staff members have earned their Paraoptometric Certifications.
  • and have done numerous activities, runs, and celebrations outside of work, but we always return to our home- Punzal Vision in Hokulei Village.

      Some of Our Favorite Moments

      I’ve asked each staff member what their favorite memory of being here has been so far and here are there responses:

      Dr. Punzal– The challenge of setting up the New Punzal Vision at the Hokulei Village. It was our first time building up a practice from a blank shell. We were hoping we could create a beautiful space that flowed well. Assembling a staff that would provide a positive and professional experience was our goal. We are always continuing to learn more about improving in the eye care field and patient relations. 2 years down forever to go!

      Team Punzal Vision dressed up for Halloween day!

      Brity – It is tough to pick just one, but I would say the Halloween that we all dressed up as toilet paper mummies. It took a lot of teamwork to get into costume and maintain it throughout the day. It was a lot of fun not only for us but for the patients as well.

      The full team at Punzal Vision.

      Pua – My favorite memory or recollection since being at Hōkūlei Village is the very beginning when our office was just a shell. There was still dirt on the ground and I would go with Dr. Punzal weekly to the site to check out the progress. The staffing of Punzal Vision was also still a shell as I was the only remaining full time employee left. This was a trying and uncertain time, but it was a chance for us to realign our priorities and goals for Punzal Vision. I chose this as my favorite memory because I am so happy with where we are now as a team. The physical office is beautiful and progressive and welcoming. More importantly, we have a solid, tight knit staff. We have had and continue to make fun and memorable times together in and out of the office, but looking back on the most difficult times helps me to appreciate each day moving forward.

      Black Friday 2018

      Tianne – I have three that are equally my favorite! 1) our Oahu trip to get certified- the flight back home was something I’ll never forget. 2) Black Friday 2018 & getting surprised with our Christmas party. And 3) the music video we made with one of our patients at the end of our day.

      Pua & Lehua, celebrating life!

      Lehua – One of my favorite memories in office would have to be during our preparation for the hurricane that was expected to hit Kauai. While it was a very tedious effort that involved emptying the entire office and covering all equipment with trash bags, we still found the time to sneak in a mini dance party and music video to my all time favorite “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston to relieve some of the nerves we were feeling about the storm. This was a perfect example of how we work together as a team and can make light of situations with our positive vibes and awesome dance moves (especially Dr. Punzal and the broom).🤗

      Team Punzal Vision, ready to run! The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run course waiting in the background.

      Karl – My favorite memories would have to be the team bonding events. I’d never thought I’d be a part of the Kauai Marathon or the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail run, but Punzal Vision has given us the opportunity to experience these types of events which helps us to lead an active lifestyle.

      Building the Punzal Vision Office.

      Casey – There are so many good memories that have been made with both our Hokulei Village location and staff. I think that one of my favorites has to be the humble beginnings of sitting on the ground setting up the office before we had electricity, internet, and furniture. To see what we as a team have been able to transform that space into is something I am really proud to say I got to be a part of.

      Shaylyn – My favorite memory since being in Hokulei Village is getting the opportunity to work with such an amazing team. I started out by shadowing every Saturday for a couple hours and I was very grateful to accept this job as an Optometric Intern. I am learning a lot and it makes it so much better when its with a fun and hardworking team. Also we do so many fun things together whether its Christmas caroling or running marathons!

      Christmas Caroling at Punzal Vision!

      Angelique – My favorite memory is Christmas Caroling in our outfits.

      This is just the beginning! Mahalo to everyone who has supported us from the beginning. We will continue to provide the best care and service to all of those who come across Punzal Vision.

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